The Study and Research Tour to Goa, from 25 – 27 May 2024 provided the students and faculty members with a well-rounded understanding of the region’s industrial operations, cultural heritage, and natural beauty.

The visit to the chocolate manufacturing unit of Nestlé India Limited offered a detailed overview of the chocolate manufacturing process, from raw material procurement to the final packaging of products.

Highlights included:
  • Insight into cocoa bean roasting, grinding, mixing, conching, and tempering.
  • Observation of stringent quality control measures and laboratory testing to ensure high product standards, and
  • Information on Nestlé’s sustainable and ethical sourcing practices and their environmental initiatives.

The Goa Dairy Plant visit provided a comprehensive look at dairy processing, from milk collection to product distribution.

Highlights included:
  • Overview of the cooperative model and its impact on local farmers;
  • Detailed explanation of pasteurization, homogenization, and quality testing procedures;
  • Observation of the production of butter, ghee, curd, and other dairy products.

The visit to John Distilleries in Goa showcased the intricate process of spirits production.

Highlights included:
  • Insight into the fermentation and distillation processes for producing high-quality spirits;
  • Explanation of aging spirits in wooden casks to develop unique flavours;
  • Overview of the blending process and stringent quality control measures.

The visit to the Cultural Sites of Old Goa, including the Basilica of Bom Jesus and Se Cathedral, Shri Mangueshi Temple offered a glimpse into the rich cultural and religious heritage of the region.

Highlights included:
  • Exploration of the architectural beauty and historical importance of these churches and temples.
  • Understanding the role of these monuments in Goa’s history and culture.

The tour of Goa’s famous beaches, such as Baga Beach, Calangute Beach, and Anjuna Beach, provided a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Key points included:
  • Enjoyment of the natural beauty and vibrant atmosphere of Goa’s beaches;
  • Insight into the role of beaches in promoting tourism and supporting the local economy.

The insights gained from this Study Tour will be instrumental in fostering a deeper appreciation of how theory and practical applications will be instrumental in professional and personal development.